Google Browser Sync

Google Browser Sync for Firefox is an extension that continuously synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers.”
just what i wanted. i didnt think this all will be possible with extension. It has a nice session saver as well. Firefox rocks. Google rocks.

Had some problem in using it at first. Was giving errors like “400 bad request”, and “sync failed” etc.. Figured out that it was probably coz of huge bookmarks i had. Removed the bookmarks (obviously backed up), and it worked fine.

work. yeah.. 1st draft of the paper is ready. feels good.

6 Responses to “Google Browser Sync”

  1. paresh Says:

    paper virgin ?
    so i guess you are not a paper virgin anymore … :P

  2. chaos Says:

    haha..ur rite bout - “firefox rox!! google rox!!”
    google rox evn more frm the inside :D

  3. kopos Says:

    furl? delicious
    is google planning to make it like furl? delicious? ubiquitous bookmarking? anycase thats quite good and how is it diff from google notebook

  4. uKnowIt Says:

    ** yawn **
    how is it any different from

  5. smr Says:

    @paresh, @chaos
    ha ha

    they were never so closely coupled with firefox. that makes a big difference. for me atleast.

    live doesnt make me feel secure.
    it works only in crappy browser.
    and if you dont know “Favorites allows you a limit of 1,500 favorites and folders, or a total storage space of 2 MB, whichever is reached first.”

  6. Pramodh Says:

    In , they devoted a section to “Google extensions to firefox”

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