Thin Client Setup

Yes! I did it.
Full FC4 (without kde and gnome) on diskless thin client.
Using PXE, NFS and this help.

Rough Procedure -
- set the thin client to use pxe bootup.
- configure dhcp server to give ip and tftp server link
- configure tftp server to serve kernel and initrd image
- configure the initrd image to start network and mount root filesystem over nfs. optionally set home on nfs.
- install a filesystem you want to provide to the thinclient and publish it over nfs.

The available ram in the thin clients is just 90Mb (128 actually, but shared with onboard graphics). This is less and cause logs ot pagein/out. Upgrading the thinclients to 256Mb ram will make them just perfect. I will try to push it.

PS : Earlier they use to run using PXES. Its good but root over nfs using current method provides full OS thus works out better.

PS2: The image above is shown during the bootup. If you can send me another cartoon i can put it up. if i like it. anythign creative and original. shiben u there ?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    SMR , NIR
    you both are GODS

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i got a doubt
    what is a diskless thin client ???

  3. Anonymous Says:

    u Rock Man !!

  4. iv Says:

    we were going to do this for the clustering thing …

    exams came in the way :(

    nice …

  5. kunal Says:

    yeh kaunsa photo laga diya?

  6. paresh Says:

    ranta, in your new photo, you look like you are about to say - How yo doin’ ?

  7. utkarsh Says:

    Dhokha !!
    Kyun duniya ko dhokha de raha hai ki tere baal hain .. asli pic laga .. :) .. by the way .. poora gangster dikh raha hai ismein .. :)

  8. smr Says:

    without hard disk

    he he

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